Birmingham Electiondaze 8th May 2017

The 1st topic I proposed was Should voting be made compulsory?

Points raised included
Would it affect the outcome? Making things compulsory goes against the grain Where it is compulsory but that the only requirement is to return the voting paper might be okay
It would be a big job to monitor so probably wouldn’t be followed through
Not voting…a generational issue?

2nd How can we encourage young people to be more involved in politics?
Points raised included
There is nothing in schools, needs to be on the education agenda
How do young people connect? Perhaps tap into the Gaming communities!
Its only in this century that everyone has the vote …. but turn out is incredibly low
Discussions need to appear relevant to their life/experience/aspirations
Stuff about devolved male (interesting but needs expanding on by someone who knows a bit about it!)
Events like today in 6th form colleges/universities would be a good idea