Electiondaze Long Eaton

The rabbit hole of our everyday politics is really deep – no, really it is! In this mini report I want to focus on just one of the questions I raised, whether political debate in the U.K. Is too narrow to deal with the dynamics of the wider world. Trying to investigate the perception that political debate only ever seems to deal with the immediate, very generalised topics – brexit, economy, jobs, health, security – while managing to somehow completely avoid going into any real depth on any of them. Politics becomes bullit-pointed. Media reports/debates tend to focus like this because of time restraints, and parties want rallying points they can march to. But they easily descend into over-simplified points-scoring exercises, ambiguous statistical assertions, and pure rhetoric that limits the scope of the conversation (perhaps deliberately so). Debate tends to focus and compartmentalise, limiting our ability to see the inter-relationship of many or all of these issues. There’s a tendency to get caught up in the same old issues (which are often the correct issues) but without ever getting to the bottom of what we need to do to deal with them effectively. If you never question the relationship of banking reforms of the 80’s to the financial crash of 2008, and how that effected lending to businesses, can we really understand what we need to do to stabilise jobs in this country? How can we decide on who to get behind if we don’t even really know the problems they’re trying to address? Perhaps we could do with more of a free-roaming approach. Funnily enough as we were a small ‘Open Group’ our debate tended to roam like this – we found ourselves addressing one question as a result of talking about another, and so on. Dan Rose


Author: Election Daze Participant

This is a general account used by participants to publish reports from an event.

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