Dazed Election – Thoughts From Long Eaton

“Hey, I just got an email from Caron Lyon. She’s co-hosting a political event. Election Daze.” The look in my partners eyes tells me her opinion before she opens her mouth. “You should go to that.” Politics is simultaneously both extremely important and totally insignificant in our household, for a variety of reasons, but for my sins, it has become something of a compulsion for me since starting a family. Every decision I make is rooted in our efforts to ensure that our children are given effective tools to navigate an increasingly complex and chaotic world, a world which gears them up from day one to be wheels in the consumer machine. Of course, you may take the structure of the last sentence to mean that I know the truth of how the world is… I’m being ironic. We will probably never know the truth of the wheels within wheels of the hidden power structures of this world. But we are all humans, subject to the human condition. We live our lives via the experience of our senses and derive a sense of meaning by engaging and reflecting on those experiences. My experience of life has led me to a place where I can definitely say, based on my experience alone, that things are certainly not as they initially appear. Politics, in all its forms, fits this category of experience for me perfectly. We live in a constitutional monarchy, yet we do not have a written, immutable constitution. We have free and fair elections, but utilise First Past the Post so that large swathes of the electorate never have a representative in parliament that reflects their values and beliefs. We have MPs in parliament to represent us and to work on our behalf, as long as they follow the whip. Don’t even get me started on the House of Lords. I saw a story last night that said that Jeremy Corbyn had been under surveillance for two decades by the intelligence services, due to concerns that he was undermining democracy. Whether this story is factually correct or not, I’m calling this out as “Fake News”. Why? Well, in order to undermine democracy, you would actually have to have a fully functioning democratic system to undermine in the first place. While we have a fully functioning system, I do not accept for one moment that it is democratic. Democracy = Demos + Kratos. Demos is a Greek term meaning “common people”. Kratos, also Greek, means “rule” or “strength”. Do the common people rule in this country? Is the government here to serve the people, or have we become servants of the government and, by extension, the supranational corporate interests that lobby them? I’m willing to bet that many people within the existing power structures of government still see Jeremy Corbyn as a threat in the above light. He IS undermining the five ring circus of walled power in the UK, which puts the long established order at risk, but that is by no means undermining democracy. By that measure, the four of us who met in a small hotel in Long Eaton to tease could be accused of the same charge, because, regardless of the particular flavour of our political leanings, our enquires and philosophies centre around a question: “What are we going to do about politics?” To engage and answer that question requires a couple of pre-suppositions: * That there is something that NEEDS to be done – implying that there is this concept that we all rely upon that isn’t quite fit for the purpose it is advertised as being for. * That WE can actually do something about it – we are the subjects and the objects of political governance, so surely, together, we can change things that aren’t working as well as they could. I do not have the answers. No one person does. But they can be searched out, teased forward and encouraged from the recesses of our minds and hearts. Election Daze? I’d say I’m pretty dazed at this point. In a previous life, I had a lot to do with NLP, Hypnosis and various types of talking therapy and communication models. Part of the gab and patter that goes with working in this capacity is to invoke and sustain a state of confusion in your subject. The reason for this? If you are confused, it means you are in a state of conflicting ideas, thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and this state, as it happens, is very useful for inducing and leading personal change. What are we going to do about politics? To begin to answer that question, as a community of people who aspire to some form of civic duty, will guarantee confusion. Welcome it with open arms and detach from the outcome. This is the daze of our lives. ### Please note, no democracies were harmed in the writing of this article. TPW


Author: Election Daze Participant

This is a general account used by participants to publish reports from an event.

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