Long Eaton Topics

We had a small group with big ideas!

Here’s the list of topics:

Voter turnout: how do we improve/raise it?
What is political power?
What if we get a hung parliament?
What became of the BNP?
Is political debate in the UK too narrow or simplistic to take in the dynamics of the wider world?
Organisational Politics; Politics and the workplace – office politics
Is voter apathy used as a strategic tool in political thinking?
Do we really have a democracy in the UK?
Is politics in the UK broken?
How biased is our political system to protecting the status of a (real) ruling power?
How do we better understand what ‘politics’ means and how it is experienced by the representative populace? (ie for reasons of transforming that meaning?)
When people say: “No Religion, no politics”
what are they hiding from?
what are they afraid of hearing?
how do we get beyond this barrier to discussion?
how do we stop being evasive of what others believe?

Is our politics too short termist?
Why is politics so short-term?
Online voting?
Do we need a new voting system?
Why isn’t politics talking about impact of future of information technology?
Did Brexit break tribal politics in UK?



Author: Election Daze Participant

This is a general account used by participants to publish reports from an event.

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