Notes from ElectionDaze, Birmingham, 8 May 2017 – ‘Voting doesn’t change anything’

The topic I proposed was “How do we kill the ‘voting doesn’t change anything’ mentality?”. Points raised included:
* there is a disconnect in some peoples minds between politics (what they see on the news) and their day-to-day lives – road repair, prices in shops, taxes and benefits, health care are not seen as “politics”
* we don’t teach the processes of how our country is run, in schools
* in safe seats, it really doesn’t change anything – maybe we need some form of proportional representation?
* not voting is perceived as a symptom the left – the right are better at mobilising their supporters. Why?
* non-voters are “claimed” by election winners as being part of their mandate
* no-one seemed to know of research about people who do not vote – who are they (demographically speaking), and what are their views on political issues? The research must exist – where is it? Sadly, and inevitably, in the ten minutes available, we didn’t actually come up with a solution for this perennial problem.


Author: Election Daze Participant

This is a general account used by participants to publish reports from an event.

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