Notes from ElectionDaze, Birmingham, 8 May 2017 – ‘Fake news’

The second topic I proposed was “How do we spot/ avoid fake news”. Points raised included:

* we are all now aware of fake news online – bad satire repeated a fact, and facts misrepresented, ignored or denied
* the Greens do not get as much coverage as UKIP, despite gaining several council seats last week, whereas UKIP lost all but one of theirs – for example, Question Time
* the Daily Mail. ‘Nuff said.
* BBC coverage of Jeremy Corbyn Seems to portray him in a worse light (literally, in some cases) than Theresa May – I find this, and yet I’ve always held the BBC i high regard. Is it perception, or fact?
* others defended the BBC, pointing out the reporters are very well versed in what’s going on
* Linton Crosby is very effective at what he does
* we have very strong advertisings standards, but not for political ads
* that bus! (Though the remain campaign was weak)


Author: Election Daze Participant

This is a general account used by participants to publish reports from an event.

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